Water Damage: What You Need To Know

If you search about the topic water damage athens ga, then you probably would have experience water damage problem in your property. Truly, water damage is troublesome that makes it on the list of most dreadful scenarios in one’s property.

The Causes

So what causes water damage? Water damage is a situation that occurs during several scenarios. Like for instance, when there is a heavy rain or a heavy snow that quickly melts in your area and the water gets into your home. Also, water damage occurs due to the problems in pipes and drains, may it be broken or have bursts. One of the main reason water damage can be very stressful is due to the fact that it can cause major damage in your furniture (mostly the wooden ones), appliances, electrical systems, plumbing system and upholstery. In addition, there will be higher chances of having mold growth and developing dampness in your property.

Categories of Water Damage

Prior to determining the solutions when water damage occurs, it is very important to assess the extent of the damage caused by the water in your property. Water damage assessment is includes identifying the several categories of water damage. These include the first Category which implies that the water is clean and caused no further threat to the owners (e.g. broken appliances). In Category 2, the water is already contaminated (also called the gray water). Possible causes of this type of damage are toilets, seepage and sump pumps that have been broken. This can cause health hazards to humans especially when it is ingested. Class 3 on the other hand, contains water that is contaminated by bacteria and germs (black water). Problems in the sewage are one of the causes of category 3 damage.

The Solution

Water damage is likened to a ticking clock; every minute that goes by causes more damage if not address properly. The best possible way to solve the problem is by contacting a water damage restoration company. They will deploy professionals who have the right tools, knowledge and skills that will properly address the situation in the best way possible. Then again, keep in mind that the restoration process may depend on the severity of your case, so expect longer process when the category of your water damage falls on the severe ones. In general, water damage athens ga is a relevant topic and one that should not be taken lightly.